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The company offers a range of innovative development products for a variety of audiences, created independently and in collaboration with partners.  In addition, Chemistry is also able to provide a broad range of development and consulting services -  including  design, directing, estimates, quality control, technical and management expertise - for primarily animated digital content properties. 

The company can fill important roles in productions, helping to startup and manage projects, or provide design elements for pipelines.  It can help maximise regional tax incentives and assist in financing and quoting efforts.  As a production partner, Chemistry can provide guidance on selection of appropriate tools and pipeline approaches for 2D or 3D CGI animation or asset building.  We help manage your design process, oversee your production plans, generate fast, high quality and cost effective artwork, tests, trailers and pilots, or provide conceptual property ideas for targeted audiences.  A range of services and capabilities includes: 

Property Development and Supervision
Project Housing and Infrastructure
Art and Animation Direction
Design Services
Proof of Concept Tests and Trailers
Production and Pipeline Design and Consulting
Show Running and Production Management
Quality Control
Project Quoting, Review, and Oversight
Producing Assistance